Contents Topics

Big Numbers  – Appreciating the true magnitude of unimaginably huge quantities measuring in billions and trillions.

Corporations – How corporations improve their bottom lines and increase their power at the expense of the bottom 99%.

Culture  – A broad topic area, including such topics as language in politics, tribalism, the impacts of perception, and religious ideation.

Decline in America  – Awareness of the often not-so-apparent cultural and economic decline taking place around us.  

Econ 101   – Miscellaneous economic issues.

Education – The decline and privatization of education.  

Freedom & Democracy  – The rise of plutocracy and the decline of freedom and democracy in America

Government in Society  – Religion in Government, the decline of personal freedom, and the rise of corporate freedom.

Health Care   Complexities of the intractable healthcare problems in America.

History – The history of change in America and its role in the world.  

Labor & Unions The decline in unionism and its effects on incomes and society.

Law & the Courts – The changing constitution, religion in government, and personal and corporate rights. 

Media & Propaganda – Impressions of the media, and its influence and control over American beliefs and politics.

Obama and the Alternative – Obama’s image, and his actual and expected performance, in comparison to the alternative.

Occupy – The Occupy Movement, its successes, problems, and place in history.

Perspectives  – Posts that don’t fit neatly in other topic areas, including philosophical,  spiritual, and psychological topics.

Politics   – Perspectives on political developments in this crucial run-up to the 2012 elections.

Religion   – Religion in American society, politics and government, especially the far right’s attempts to eradicate the separation of church and state at both the federal and state levels, and to impose a rule of law based on fundamentalist doctrines.

Perspectives  – Posts that don’t fit neatly in other topic areas, including philosophical,  spiritual, and psychological topics.

State & Local Government – The rise of the right in state and local governments.    

War & the Military The military in our society, economy, and federal budget.   

Wealth and Income Inequality   – America’s fundamental problem: class warfare between the top 1% of income earners and the bottom 99%, the continuing growth of income and wealth inequality, and inequality’s causes and solutions.





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